Orzala QuddusiOrzala Quddusi is the CEO and Owner of Make It Happen Services.

Being a solopreneur and helping other solopreneurs has been a driving passion for Orzala.  From her high school days where she garnered numerous awards in business and accounting, she went on to earn a business administration diploma.

Orzala furthered her education by gaining her degree as a Bachelor of Commerce followed by six years in the corporate world.  As invaluable as this experience was, Orzala’s goal was always to have her own business.

While supplying outsourced marketing services to entrepreneurs, Orzala saw the need many solopreneurs had for a much wider range of services.  With this in mind, she has developed Make It Happen Services.

With her spare time, Orzala gives back to her community, volunteering at numerous local organizations.  Currently, she is mentoring young entrepreneurs through a program with BACD.

Orzala is a  member of Ajax Pickering Board of Trade and she resides in Ajax, Ontario.






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